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Dano, Saul And David - Latino Smooth

Posted on: April 14, 2014

This is a threesome you will not want to stop watching. Just download it and keep going again and again just like these 3 young hot hispanic boys can do. These twinks are three mexican friends and they are some of the best performers we have ever been with. The dude are all just 18, totally sexy and smooth and of course these young guns are wielding some pretty big cocks too!

Its a two parter so watch for part 2 coming up.

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Sportin' Wood Part 4 - Adam, Justin, Shane, Bradley & Nate

Posted on: April 08, 2014

Adam and Bradley Shaw join Nate, Shane, and Justin. Bradley is still the man. We've just seen that Nate can play in the big leagues, but what about Shane and Justin? Well, Shane has launched some rockets of his own (notably in Rockets 2 and Magnetism), but Justin, off by himself on the floor, looks like the new dude in town (the hot and horny new dude). Not surprisingly, Bradley pretty much takes charge, first helpfully introducing all the dudes to each other, then complaining, I've been holding my shit for two days and then bragging, I'm sportin wood. He's earned that big tag line, but all the dudes are sportin heavy wood. And you will be too.

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Lucky Latchkeys - Shane Hicks -amp; Dirk Wakefield -amp; Rex Maddox

Posted on: April 04, 2014

When Rex Maddox returns home from school, he discovers a note telling him his dad won't be home until late. Rex knows this means it's party time. He calls his two sexiest friends, Shane Hicks and Dirk Wakefield right away!

Dirk and Shane show up horny and ready. They jump onto Rex's parents' bed and tear each others' clothes off! Shane wraps his moist lips around Rex's fat, swollen cock and sucks deep, while Shane enjoys slurping on Dirk's stiff dick. Then Shane has his way with Dirk's and Rex's tight holes, getting a thorough taste of both. But Rex has been waiting all week for his dad to be away, just for one main reason...so he can fuck Shane's sweet ass! See Shane take a hard pounding from Rex first, then allow Dirk to slam his tender pocket! Join this tight trio as they have way too much fun while no parents are around!


Cum In The Sun

Posted on: April 03, 2014
On a hot summer's day a twinks mind turns to sex sex sex. Never mind that they are in the middle of a field for all to see - there's nothing better than a romp in the hay! This outdoor twink fuck will definitely have your attention.

Boys And Their Sex Toys - Boy Crush

Posted on: April 01, 2014

Boys love their toys, and we all know the saying. However, we don't think this is what that saying means! Hung twink Aaron is sharing his big dick with sexy Jordan in a mutual sucking when the toys come out and Aaron gets a glass sex toy in his ass. Jordan has a hot fleshlight to sink his rod into, with both unloading copious cream wads over their respective gadgets by the end!

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Tyler And Dean 1 - Deans Boys

Posted on: March 31, 2014

Alrighty guy2, so I had Tyler over this week, and I was trying to make a fun toy scene, so I used a few on him! We were both wearing some jockstraps, and I had bought a new sex toy! I got a double headed one, and used it to fuck his hungry hole! It wasn't before I used my fleshlight on him though! What can I say? I love my freaking fleshlight, and I think all people should have one, so when people have never used it, I always wanna show them it!

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Digital Seduction - Tyler Morgan -amp; Aiden Summers

Posted on: March 30, 2014

When Tyler Morgan has a good idea, he runs with it. Aiden Summers is a hot boy Tyler's made friends with in French Class. They've been assigned a team report that's due next week. Since the weather ain't great, Tyler decides to invite Aiden over to work on the project. Aiden has no idea Tyler's cooking up a fresh batch of digital seduction!

Before Aiden arrives, Tyler records a very sexy video on his laptop, which includes Tyler stroking his bare, stiff cock. When Aiden comes into Tyler's room, Tyler tells him to chill on the couch for a few minutes and open the project file on his laptop. But right there in plain view on Tyler's desktop is the hot video! As Aiden watches the video, after making sure no one else is around, he plays with his own growing erection. Tyler watches him quietly, without Aiden realizing. Just when the moment is right, Tyler surprises him! Aiden apologizes, embarrassed to be caught. But Tyler reassures him it's ok, and the two engage in some red hot kissing. Soon both boys' clothes are on the floor and Tyler is sucking Aiden's big, pulsating dick. Aiden does the same for Tyler and then has a taste of Tyler's tight, warm hole. After getting it nice and ready, Tyler climbs on top of Aiden for a ride. Watch Tyler bounce on Aiden as he jerks his own meaty dick. See the intense pleasure in the faces of them both as Aiden fucks into Tyler hard. Then watch them switch positions on the couch, just before Aiden literally pounds the cum out of sweet Tyler. It's a super hot, crazy passionate hookup!


Underwater Dick Dance

Posted on: March 29, 2014

The finale to this ball-busting blockbuster begins when super XXX-men Ramon Mendez and Denis Mello entice their soon-to-be sex slave Darrien Leon who innocently attempts to please both brazilian gods in an impressive underwater dick dance. Its a miracle that all three hotties are able to keep their underwater rods stiffer than a pool stick and engorged like a stuffed Rio de Janeiro red pepper! Cutie bottom Darrien then makes his tight ass-shaft ready and waiting for the penile paradise of the two moist, macho men.

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